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August 10 2017

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August 09 2017

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A Florida man was murdered early Sunday morning defending his gay friends from a drunk homophobe who followed them out of the restaurant where they were eating. 

Multiple witnesses reported that the killer came after the group and shouted, “If we were in my country I’d kill all of you like rats. I hate you damned gays. I’m going to kill you all here.”

The victim, 22-year-old Juan Javier Cruz , was shot dead with a handgun Mena pulled from his pocket after defending his friends.

This is not right that people have to die just because homophobia is flourishing in America.

RIP  Juan Javier Cruz, you are a hero.


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Please support Motor Crush !!! Its a new comic with a black lesbian lead that isnt getting enough support and has a really good and intricate plot about motorcycle lesbians & their rival gangs

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New Archery Kit by Folk Of The Wood

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Here’s further awesome proof that cosplay is for everyone! Brazilian cosplayer Solange, aka Tia sol (“Aunty Sun”) has won the heart of the internet with her wonderfully accurate homemade costumes and convention appearances around her home city of Manaus, Brazil.

“A friend said that I wouldn’t have the guts,” Solange told BuzzFeed News. “I chose a character and had the costume made without saying another word.”

“I don’t miss a single event in my city. I’d really like to visit other ones, but have you seen the price of the fares?”


“I never thought that I would be well received among the young people, I’ve made a lot of friends during all of this.” Cosplay conventions have become a sort of a haven for Solange: “I can launch myself into the world of make-believe, where anything goes.” Her next event is coming up in December. “I’m finishing up the painting on my new cosplay, Granny Juju from Jorel’s Brother.”

Follow Tia Sol on Facebook to keep up with her latest cosplay creations.

[via Bored Panda]


We need more old women characters in media

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Exactly what the whole ‘terrorism’ security state is, a joke - hiding racism and xenophobia behind securitization.

a terrorist

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4:35 Blaze it sorry traffic was crazy

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I am American and I have never seen photos like this. I had no idea there are borders like this. Even though I LOVE the idea of open borders, I am staring at these pictures like “wait…people can just…walk across some stones or grass and BE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY??? and nobody stops them?? how does that WORK?!” So you can tell that my country’s propaganda has gotten to me by convincing me that this CAN’T work even though…it…obviously can.

These pics just seem unreal to me. I’ve been taught my whole life that this can’t exist. In 27 years no one has ever sat me down and gone, look, here’s how it is elsewhere. It isn’t impossible at all.

I want to add something, but I’d just be restating what they said. I.. didn’t know peace and kindness like this was possible.

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August 08 2017

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you see, o’care is bad because he drew flies surrounding it, like poop, and ending it would be good because he drew people clutching an american flag and cheering,

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